How To Put The Title Of The Post In Front Of The Name Of The Blog

Put The Title Of The Post In The Future

Whether you are already familiar travel malang juanda with what I mean? For more details you can see in your browser tab above. Hover over the tab of your browser and let stand briefly, then will pop up a description of blog name with the title of the post that you are open, like in the picture below …

So also in the display of the search results of search engines, like in the picture below …

If the name of the blog is in front of the title of the post, then the priority of the search engine will be different. Whereas it is precisely dijudul postinganlah we can often get creative with keywords. One blog only has one name blog, but a blog can have a myriad of titles post, yeah right? In addition, by placing the title of the post in front of the name of the blog, will facilitate the potential visitors of your blog saw the title of your post in full display in the search results of search engines. Because usually the title of the posts will be truncated if it is too long.

In general the template-the template is original and has not been disisipi hack SEO as the original default template Blogger still has not put the title of the post in front of the name of the blog. Therefore, for those of you who are still having things like this can immediately change it in the following manner …

1. Login to your Blogger
2. go to Dashboard > > Edit HTML Template
3. find (Ctrl + F) lines of code such as the following, after <head> and before < b:skin >:

<title> < data: pageTitle. blog/> </title>

4. If it is found, replace the line of code above the line with the following code:

< b:if cond = ‘ data: pageType = blog. = ‘ &quot; index &quot; >
<title> < data: pageTitle. blog/> </title>
< b: else/>
<title> < data: blogs pageName./> | < data: the blog. title/> </title>

Note the sign “|” in red in the above line of code. One of these I use as a separator between the title of the posts denang blog name. You can replace it with a mark that you like.

5. Then click the “Save Template”. You can immediately see the results, i.e. by opening one of the articles you post. Look back to the top of your browser. Hover over the tab of your browser, and let sit for a bit. Note the changes that occur in the post title and the name of your blog.


Early Investment To Start Your Business And Achieve Financial Freedom

Learn How A Successful Investment

Do you realize that all the stuff in this kitchen set malang world nothing is free? Yes, even if such articles exist in supermarkets and berlabelkan “FREE”, but of course there is a price you have to pay to be able to enjoy the item. There is usually an entry marked with an asterisk with a very small writing that it reads “terms and conditions apply”. So what if there was a friend who said that he had just a free lunch, is it really free? Of course not, because with or without realized there has been someone who is paid to eat siangnya.

More than that, actually when you’re shopping, you not only pay with money. You also have to pay for your groceries with your time. Since it is currently spending money, you also need time to do it. Now, therefore, than to spend the money you earn from your own hard work, it is better to use that money to invest and build your own business.

Steps towards financial freedom
How To Start A Successful Investment
The next question, then how? You must know how to let your money is not lost in vain. So, before you decide to open their own business need to do a lot of preparation. For example, by conducting a survey to markets, read and study guide book in business, or hire the services of a business consultant. But of course to get all of that, you have to expend a bit doesn’t it?

To conduct a survey of the market, you need a mature analysis. In addition of course to do visits will confiscate your time. After the survey results are obtained, the necessary research data which certainly takes a lot of cost. Hmm … If so just buy the guidebooks business. But it also needs to be a fee, probably about tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars for a book. If in fact you need more than one book, certainly cost dikeluarkanpun will be even greater.

Well, what with the hiring business consulting services? Sure your work will be easier. You can just ask them to do a survey and market research. You can also ask about inputs in order to advance your business. But who will pay for their services? Is it enough with thanks? Of course not. You should pay for it.

So what should you do to build productive business?

How To Start A Successful Investment
I have a way. I have joined the business network of Oriflame, where each member will be guided to develop its business, both online and offline. We have a complete system, good training that can be followed online as well as offline. Here we will also work in teams. Good about the product as well as the target marketnya, have all been clear. By using this system, it has proved a lot of people managed to achieve financial freedom. But then again, everything is not free. And to be successful, it requires also the hard work and perseverance.

Well, if you do want to have a business or own businesses, now living you choose. Do you want to memebayar the cost of survey and market research? Or do you want to buy a bunch of guide books and study business? Or you want to rent the services of a consultant business? Or you want to follow my way by following the business can be done offline as well as online?

If you choose the last option, soon joined on the steps of success with us. Come soon to reach your financial freedom!

How To Improve Your Business

Improve Business

Do you have a business? You are attempting to create a business that is now rapidly growing tekuni you? Want your business turnover and growth continue to rise? It has a thriving business with turnover and increasing business growth certainly is the dream of most business people. There is nothing wrong with the dream. But do you know how? Here I will present five very useful way to enhance your business, no matter whether you have a business online or offline business.

Immediately to practice how to improve your business:

1. make the vision of the business. Business vision serves as a steering motion of your business. Make mission and vision clearly in order for success in your business you can be immediately achieved. And it would be better if the vision and mission that you create is not always purely personal profit oriented, but should also be able to provide a tangible positive effects on the environment.

2. Focus on productivity. When you increase productivity, automated work you also increased, and that means it will increase your business overall. Trying to improve productivity also means constantly trying to do everything with a more effective and efficient. Evaluation of your performance continues to get maximum results.
3. Maximize the use of resources. Look at the businesses that have been successful. They have the ability to maximize resources. While early pioneered the business, they can just do things by herself. But as time went on, they started to delegate their duties to the vicinity of the resource so that eventually they are not stuck in a routine business.

4. Do not easily give up easy no & satisfied. One of the secrets of improving business is to have the never give up attitude. When your business is deadlocked, don’t give up quickly. Fokuslah on solutions to resolve the impasse. Similarly, when your business has been running smoothly, do not easily satisfied with what you have accomplished. Continue to increase your business.

5. Do it now too! To be able to obtain the ideal business improvement, you should want to add hours of flying. Don’t delay any longer, now do what you have planned.

That’s five ways to improve your business. You have any tips or ways to improve your business? Let’s share and share your experiences by leaving a comment to let me and the other readers can learn …

Tips To Motivate Yourself And Others

Motivate Others

While undergoing a business online, especially as MLM online plus offline, our motivation is sometimes often up and down. What’s more, we don’t just have to be clever-clever keeping yourself motivated, but also must maintain the motivation of our network members. Nah, surely our task as the perpetrator of the MLM became increasingly heavy. But don’t worry, I have motivational tips to give to yourself and others. To remember, to get incredible results, surely it takes effort a tremendous hard work anyway. Therefore, never give up to continue to inflame and keep your motivation and your network.

Tips To Motivate Yourself And Others

To be able to give you the motivation to yourself, you have to recognize the driving source of motivation in yourself. By recognizing what is a source of motivation, then you will know how to awaken your inner motivation, especially when your motivation down the middle. Basically, most humans can resurrected his motivation with a positive approach. Being on some others, can rise up his motivation by using a negative approach. Then what exactly is meant by a positive approach and positive approach?

Put it this way, is evoked with a positive approach that is motivation motivation can rise because the urge to acquire a pleasure (positive). If you are into this category, you’ll be more motivated if dipancing with the fun things (positive). Examples of fact like this, you can put up pictures of your dreams in the wall near your bed or anywhere else you see. For example, by posting images of your dream home, dream car you fancy or beautiful places that want to visit when you are successful. Trust me, you’ll come back eager to do what you have to do every time you see the picture. Lazy taste will disappear by itself.

Whereas the definition evokes negative approach i.e. motivation motivation can rise because the urge to avoid the less good (negative). If you are into this category, you’ll be more motivated if dipancing with the things you want to avoid (negatively). An example of this, you can put up pictures that contrasted with the dream you want to achieve. Suppose you want a magnificent home as where you live, then post a picture of rickety homes that do not want to live in. Or suppose you want to have a luxury car, then post a picture of a battered car who doesn’t want you to have.

So what if want to motivate others?

In principle the same actually. First, identify the source of the motivation of the person. Then provide the appropriate type of motivation motivation that evoke his passion. If a friend who you want to give the motivation included into the Group of people who pursue pleasure, then motivasilah for example with meceritakan stories of success. Or by giving figures of profits and results will he be if willing to work hard.

Vice versa. If a friend who you want to give the motivation included into the Group of people who are motivated because of fear, you can give a boost to match. For example, tell stories of the failures experienced by most people because it is not willing to change or don’t want to work hard. They would be more motivated by what you tell us and the record will be even more excited.

Any approach to motivation that you do, there is no right or wrong. And remember, the better your way of communicating with friends as well as your environment, it will be the better anyway you can achieve results. How? Already understand the right way to motivate yourself and others? Come on, start to rekindle and maintain motivation to yourself and others!

Tips For Learning How To Market And Sell A Successful

how marketing and how successful sales

One of the main causes of the many efforts that eventually roll mat is due to the lack of sufficient funds to support their efforts. A lot is happening is greater spending compared with earnings. It is very important to be able to generate greater income than on financing. And of course the high income gained from good marketing and a high level of sales.

The ability to market and sell important actually owned for everyone. At the moment you would market your product, we recommend that you position yourself as a bearer of a message, not a message. It means when you’re marketing a product, don’t just always told me about features that owned the product. But should tonjolkanlah the value of the benefits of the product you are offering.

Before a buyer decides to purchase a product, he saw more first if there is a value the benefits he got from that product. If he sees there is no value of the benefits that can be obtained, how you insist on describing the benefits that can be provided from your product, prospective buyers still will not want to buy. It makes sense doesn’t it? If our position as a prospective buyer, why would we buy a product that is not useful.

“We are not a messenger, the message”-Mr. Fernando Nani Rancel

Most people usually feel fear, shame, and not confident to sell. One of the reasons namely because they must face to face and to be good at speaking directly with prospective buyers. But luckily there is now an internet business. Through the internet, you can start an internet business without having to directly face to face with prospects or prospective buyers. You can offer your product and selling up to the entire country, even the world.

Surefire way to market and sell a successful

There is nothing that needs to be feared by selling. Good in business online as well as offline business, you need to do to improve the capability of offering and selling is to learn and practice … Here are some tips to learn how to market and sell which are successful. Let’s take a look …

SURE and believe. Rest assured you are able to sell. Make sure you have a good supply. Also learn things that are related to the products you market. The more you understand about the product will you sell, you will also be more confident and steady in doing deals. And the good news is, these beliefs are contagious. If you are really sure of the products you offer, usually people will be affected and become participated unsure.

MEET MORE PEOPLE. The more you offer the greater the chance of the occurrence of a sale. Now therefore, you should be able to meet more people. Rajinlah to find prospects. There are many ways that can be done, for example by following a community related to your product, or may follow a mailing list (mailing list) and topics related to your product.

KNOW WHO YOUR PROSPECTS. Know who you are going to offer your products. You can make sales more effectively if you know who your prospects. Discover their problems, and make your products into a solution of the problem. For example, the prospect of being is your friend. You understand the problems facing it, as well as their financial conditions. This will facilitate you in deciding which product would you offer him.

BE A BEST FRIEND. When you offer a product, never consider yourself as a sales. Try positioning yourself as a friend of your prospects. So you can become more familiar with your prospects. You can better understand the issues faced by your prospects. And you can really provide assistance to your prospects through the products you own.

THE ANTICIPATION OF A REJECTION. Denial when we were doing the usual thing is panawaran. A successful marketing certainly has also suffered hundreds if not thousands of times rejections. Learn the causes you’re rejected, and prepare answers for rejection happens. It does not mean you should urge your prospects, but the answers that you provide more leads to the solution of the causes that make the occurrence of such refusal.

KEEP ON SMILING. Whatever happens, both when you are denied, or when you make a sale, keep smiling. Tersenyumlah with natural and not contrived. Although your heart may be disappointed because it failed to sell, but you should still keep a good relationship with your prospects. Because it is not impossible that someday those who resist you even become your loyal customers. So keep smiling always!

DO IT NOW! Like when you want good at riding a bicycle. You have to take your bike, menaikinya, and mengayuhnya. Control your own how to set up the balance. Wake up back when you fall from a bicycle. Similarly, if you want good at selling. You have to want to try to start it and do it. Good business online as well as offline, you need to do is find the products and offered it to the people. If still not going on sale, keep trying. Keep doing until going on sale, but of course while continuing to refine and improve the ways of selling.

Strive to always increase the capacity, both in terms of insight as well as in terms of communicating science was like. Never give up … Let’s practise … Continue to sell, sell, and sell!

Secrets Of Winning Online Business Competition

Tips To Win Business Competition Online

Can not be denied that the development of online business are increasingly attractive to the principals of business in Indonesia. Even today not only the beginner course is interested in acquiring a business online. A benefit when working in this business online also makes employers who have successfully run its business has now started to turn to offline marketing online.

The large number of benefit when live online business became one of the reasons for the perpetrators of the attempt to switch from conventional business to business online. This is certainly not only give a positive impact to the development of business on the internet, but also sparked an increasingly tight market competition between businessmen.

But don’t worry just yet, because after all, through the internet from time to time also increases. This means that our products to promote market has always existed, and our opportunity to be successful online dibisnis are still always open. However, as the perpetrator of the online business does not mean we can rest easy. We also have to prepare strategies and tactics to win the competition in online business we’re tekuni.

According to an online business where I studied him, “when we discuss how to win business competition on the internet, actually we’re talking about selling value”. How to create a new consumer need or desire, not lead to the needs of consumers who are already there. Change the basic needs by selling ideals and new hope.

For example, if our basic needs as long as it is to eat, then marketing turned it into not merely eat only. But we need food that is tasty, tasty, nutritious, life style, and healthy. Then, outlets-outlets in the mall into a crowded shoppers.

“The Value communicated appropriately will be able to take the heart of your target market. So that makes consumers truly believe and conscious to try out the products you market. ”

From that I learned, there are some important point so that ultimately we can win the competition:

How well do you emphasize the ideals and hopes to the consumer?

How well you deliver it either directly or indirectly in the web site/service/product?

How the right marketing path you traveled?

How well the brand yourself and your products?

How much you know about the views of visitors on the website/service/product?

How your focus stresses the advantages of your products and services can be given than the competitors?

The points when you can do it well, then won the competition of internet business is very possible for you. Let’s have a race win the competition of internet business!

Determine The Right Keywords To Attract Many Visitors

Specify Keywords To Attract Readers

The success of a blog is affected by the selection of keywords (keywords). Lho koq bisa? Yes, because as we know, the success of a blog that was strongly influenced by the number of visitors coming. Well most of the blog visitors come from search engines. Those entering keywords (keywords). Then they choose a click on your link. They see and rate the content of your blog. If your blog is successful in convincing the visitor, then the product and business offer in your blog are likely to be considered. Your product a chance to make money, as well as offer your business will also get a positive response.

But just imagine if your blog is empty of visitors. Never mind there are willing to click on banner ads you post, lha is nothing stopping just isn’t … Lonely too long blog visitors, he will make the blog owner so lazy to take care of her blog. Why? Yes because he thought would arise for what mebuang a waste of energy, time, and money for something that doesn’t produce. Nobody is coming to read his writings. No one is coming for just the pool area was great or glancing at the promotion-promotion offer. His online business into mendeg. If so keep the case, spirit will sag. Yes No?

Well so that it doesn’t happen, you need to read easy tips below so your blog can attract many more visitors and moneymaking opportunities become bigger.

Tips On Choosing Keywords
Specify Keywords
A keyword that consists of one or a few words only instrumental to describe the content of the article as a whole. The selection of the proper keywords that really mnjadi key to success of your blog. The following easy steps that you can do:

1. Multiply the variations of keywords (keywords). Keyword that you write can be made variable. How to make the keyword be varied? For example, by using a synonym (Word equation) of the keyword you have set previously. The more diverse the keyword that you make, the greater the odds those readers find your writing. An example of the use of synonyms to enrich variation of keyword for example put it this way, for example, you write about “how to find keyword”. Variations of words that can be used, namely “how to determine keyword”, “how to determine keyword”, etc.

2. Often perform the update article. In fact these 2 points are still associated with point 1, where the new article that you posted messages must have a combination of keywords (keywords). Variations of the keyword is not only important in an article, fill your blog with a wide array of keywords that you snap away. The way is diligently post new articles. So your blog will have a lot of articles, the more articles, the means also more keywords that you mentioned. Not so?

3. Comparison of points 1 and 2, points to 3 this may be arguably more easily. To get a variation of the word of a keyword, you can visit The way of life is very easy. Enter the keywords you want dikotak “query …”. Select the language and the search results. Then click “Suggest”. The result of the suggest given will also be popping up in the bottom. Not only up there, you can click on each keyword that appears to get keyword derivatives.

Easy steps in specify keywords (keywords) above could soon you practise. Remember, the success of your blog later depending on what you did with your blog now. Good luck!

Avoid Mistakes When Buying Organic Foods It

Generally, foods labeled as organic is sold at a price that is more costly than non-organic food ingredients. This is comprehensible connected to the process of planting and harvest using final ways more intensive, using natural materials, and minimal use of pesticides.

Chemical-forgive process is in addition to the basis for why many parents choose organic food to be unchangeable to her baby.

Is it concrete that organic food is complex?

In fact, many parents have a misperception that made a catastrophe in buying organic food. In terms of minimum chemical used, organic food is more favored. However, in terms of nutrients, the content of which is owned organic and non-organic food ingredients is the complex. Infants in the era of lump requires a variety of nutrients requires a diversity of foodstuffs to meet the mass of vitamins and minerals.

Observing Purchase Organic Food Ingredients

For parents who have a special focus vis–vis food ingredients that are utterly natural, 100% organic food ingredients can indeed be an marginal. But avoid the following mistakes in buying organic food:
Note budget

Do not agree to the budget provided for shopping drained, because buying organic foods which are relatively more costly. Adjust your spending patterns taking into account the carrying out of the intimates. However, you can yet get organic products at affordable prices, by choosing local organic products. Local organic products does not lose mood in terms of nutrition by now imported organic products.
Choose organic food right

When you have more budget to obtain organic food, prefer apples, strawberries, celery, pears and organic for your baby. Food ingredients are classified as foods containing pesticides considering relatively high levels. For corn, papaya, banana, avocado, and cabbage from ample non-organic agriculture was said to be safe because it has a enormously low content of pesticides. But anew, note the promote and disadvantages of buying organic foods, especially in terms of keekonomisannya.

When you regard as monster to charity non-organic apples though, the content of pesticides can be minimized by washing in dispensation water and a tiny rubbing his skin to remove chemicals that fix to the skin. The neighboring step is to peel the skin. Although most of the fiber content decreases gone than skin peeling fruit, levels of pesticides in apples will be much condensed and be safe to eat the baby.

What if you sensitive to obtain organic solids packaging?

Should you prefer a product that consists of at least 95% of organic food of high vibes. In add together, these products must have an acclaimed sanction from a trusted entity. Note as well as implies for fine, hermetic foods should contain high protein, calcium, iron, 12 vitamins and eight minerals.